Discovery Consultation (1 hour) | Free
Meet with client to assess their needs and determine what they would like to achieve from an image update.

Wardrobe Analysis (3 hours) | $225
Evaluate client's existing wardrobe and give guidance in what to keep, discard, or purchase.

Personalized Shopping (6 hours) | $450
Estimate budget and accompany client to purchase items that will expand their wardrobe.

Wardrobe Walk Thru (4 hours) | $300
Create a look book of multiple outfits so client can see how to combine existing items with new purchases.

The Experience | $925
Discovery Consultation, Wardrobe Analysis, Personalized Shopping, and Wardrobe Walk-Thru

Define and Design | $675
Discovery Consultation, Wardrobe Analysis, and Personalized Shopping

Consult and Create | $750
Discovery Consultation, Personal Shopping, and Walk-Thru

Cosmetic Evaluation
Select experts to add the finishing touches, hairstyle that compliments client's updated look, and lesson in make up application.

Special Events
Select clothing and accessories for client's special events.

Speaking engagements to educate others on How to Build, Update, or Expand Wardrobe; How to Dress To Impress; and How to Define Your Style.

Fashion Updates
Send fashion reports to client on how to rock the latest trends.

Shop Till U Drop
Create a store guide to help client navigate through their city to find where to go that works within their budget to find clothing and accessories.

Discovery Consultation
Speak to client to assess their needs through a questionnaire to determine what they would like to achieve through an image update.

Wardrobe Analysis
Evaluate client's existing wardrobe to see what they need to keep, discard, or purchase.

Fashion Show
Client tries on clothes so that I can select accessories to complete the outfit.

Fashion Stylist
Clothing Allowance | Pricing Varies
Prices vary depending on number of individuals, number of looks, and desired clothing and accessories (high, moderate, or low priced).

Hourly Rate | $75-$100
$75/hour for up to 8 hours, and $100/hour for 8+ hours

Photo Shoot & Music Videos
Rate based on the following:
Length of job, number of days on the job, clothing budget, number and rates of approved assistants (if needed), pay date (50% of cost upfront), deposit for dry cleaning garments and a written and signed agreement that all nonreturnable items will be purchased by client.

Assist art directors, photographers, designers, models, and/or production managers in bringing their visions to life through creating concepts for clothes, hair, and make up that are fashion forward and innovative and appeal to the target audience.